Nelson Motorhome
Winnebago Class C Motorhome

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson bought their
little motorhome used from a
private party.
Although they have always taken
great care of their “Winnie” it was
apparent that it was time for the
old girl to get a makeover.
That’s exactly what we did.  

Here’s what “Winnie” received:
  • Complete removal of all of
    her old stripes, graphics,
    and lettering.
  • Thorough surface cleaning
    and preparation.
  • Brand new graphics,
    striping, and lettering

“Winnie” feels like a whole new
motorhome again and is really
looking forward to her next run on
the open road where she can
show off her new looks to snobby
diesel pushers.
winnebago rv stripes and graphics
winnebago graphics before
winnebago graphics after
winnebago graphics before