Baskett Motorhome
Suncrest Class A Motorhome
Talk about a diamond in the rough.
When we first saw this old coach
we weren’t sure if we were  up to
the challenge, but Mr. and Mrs.
Baskett were determined not to
give up on the biggest member of
their family.
That’s why early on we dubbed
this job the “Extreme Makeover
Motorhome Edition”.  
Once we finished the job and saw
the fruits of our labors we were
glad we had listened to the
Rarely do you see an older
motorhome like theirs in this great
of condition.

Here’s what this coach received:
  • A complete removal of all of
    the old stripes and graphics.
  • A thorough surface cleaning
    and preparation
  • A brand new set of stripes
    and graphics
  • A complete exterior detail
    including hand wax.
rv pinstriping, and graphics
huyck motorhome stripes before
huyck motorhome pinstriping before
huyck motorhome striping after
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