The Macias Motorhome
Alfa Toybox 5th Wheel
It is amazing what a difference a
week can make.  You never know
how much potential your coach
may have until you put a little love
into it.

That's what the Macias family
found out when they brought their
Alfa Toybox 5th wheel to us for a
little makeover.

Although we see this kind of
transformation every day, it never
ceases to amaze us how much
better an RV looks when it leaves
our shop.

Here's what it took to get this
shabby 5th wheel looking shiek:

  • Complete removal off all of
    the old striping, graphics,
    and vinyl logos
  • Surface restoration with
    chemical bath, heavy duty
    compound, and high speed
  • Polymer paint sealant
  • 2 year Rubber Shield roof
  • Custom design and
    installation of this hot new
    patriotic graphics kit
  • Two high resolution, full
    color printed vinyl murals on
    front and back

The Macias family are a proud a
patriotic bunch, with several family
members serving our country in
the armed forces.  

We'd like to take a moment thank
them for putting their lives on the
line, and sacrificing to make our
country and the world a safer
Custom Trailer Graphics
Macias graphics before
Alfa Toybox Graphics
Macias 5th Wheel Graphics front view
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